swimming 2023

I was feeling excited when I heard that we would have swimming lessons at CLM pools. 15 minutes after morning tea we got changed into our swimming togs after we got changed we went to the bus. When we got there we went in our groups my instructor was Paris we did freestyle,kicking and the boat when we got on the boat i was a little nervous but i was also excited.We did swimming lessons for two weeks  It was so much fun I enjoyed it.

Storm Boy

I am not afraid of storms. I love animals. They are my friends. I am calm, carefree and happy. I am young and small but I am also a very independent child.
I am………………….Storm Boy

I am a recluse who hides away from people. I am capable of getting supplies for myself and my child. I am a hard working man. I feel lonely because my wife died.
I am ………………….. Hideaway Tom .

I am intelligent and clever. I am a wiry man. I am an aged aboriginal man. I am black. My face is screwed up like an old boot.
I am …………………Fingerbone Bill.

Our Ki O Rahi tournament

Yesterday after morning tea we went to Mr Bell under the canopy because we were having ki o rahi games on the field. The coaches name was Trey and he was also the ref for the day. The teams were kauri, totara, Rimu and Rata. Kauri is green , Rimu is blue ,  totara is yellow and Rata is red. After that they told us the winners who were kauri. I enjoyed playing outside with my friends and the other children from the bigger classes.

175th Jubilee St Patrick’s School and Parish


Last Friday when I woke up I was so excited! I knew it was St Patrick’s day. So I jumped out of my bed. Once we got to school I said to my friend, “it’s St Patrick’s day!” So we did sports after Mass and digging up the Time Capsule from 25 years ago. The games we played were gumboot toss, scatter ball, T ball, shooting ball and hoops, rock paper scissors. We had fun playing in our teams.

On Sunday we had a big mass celebration with three priests. There was beautiful singing and dancing. After Mass everyone went to the hall we sang three songs for the guests and then we had lunch. It was an amazing celebration.